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Company Overview

Ultimate Wellness Providers Co. (UWP) was founded in 2010 to serve the needs of those who can’t leave home on their own. The simple idea behind the creation of UWP is to make things convenient for patients to get their blood draws completed at any time and any place. Our mission is to eliminate long wait times during their lab visits and increase patient compliance and satisfaction with speedy  service at their requested location.  We help employers,  individuals, and clinical trials (CROs) with onsite laboratory services with licensed, insured, and  trained professionals. Our staff will come to you to collect the specimen.  UWP continues to grow all over the U.S. with satisfied patients and clients.

Because of our dedicated team of health professionals, our services sets UWP apart with 95% on time draws in our service areas.

UWP has provided services to thousands of customers across the United States. 

Improving Clinical Outcomes

Fast Results. Quick Turnaround.

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